Brieuc Barthélemy


Working at Forem - Belgium

Also guest lecturer @ Haute École Albert Jacquard Bruxelles on Master in Video Game & Technofutur because I love to share my experience and expertise to others.
Founder @ Fatcha! Game Studio projects.

I was born and I live in Charleroi area, in Belgium.



Master's degree in "IT Management" @ Solvay Business School

Master's degree in "Computer Science" @ UMons
Master thesis : "Random algorithms in combinatorics of words."

PostMaster's degree in "Artificiel Intelligence" @ UMons


Expert in operational strategy and governance, With 10 years background in development, I help things to happens faster and better to provide more value to companies.
Governance decision and optimization, operational strategy (i.e. performance on team), choice of futureproof technology , …

Project management agile, waterfall; IT Finance & Portfolio Management; sourcing strategy and vendor management, enterprise architecture. Knowledge of frameworks Cobit5, Cobit for Assurance, Cobit for Risk, Scrum (PSM 1 Certified), DevOps, ITIL (ITIL v4 Certified), Prince2 (Certified), AWS Certifier Cloud Practitioner (Certified), …

High communication skills. Popularization in different domains like A.I. , Complexity Algorithmic, network, Cryptography, …

I "speak" many languages as Java, (my)SQL, C#, C, JS, PHP: I'm a "Zend Certified Engineer"
I play with nodeJS, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Python, MongoDB, OpenCV, ...

Written Articles:

I developed many personal projects, here are a few:


  • I participate on the Tor network project by providing a Tor Relay.
  • I've joined the The Things Network by providing a gateway on this open source LoRaWAN. "The technology allows for things to talk to the internet without 3G or WiFi. So no WiFi codes and no mobile subscriptions."

Youtubers I like:

I really like CrossFit but also swimming and running
I 've got my Skydiving certificate.
I'm a motorbiker
And I 've played American Football for 10 years
I can resolve a Rubik's cube

Do not hesitate to send me few Bitcoins: 1PyvDALHfKyxAkLT5z2GhcKeQHLWF1VJ7C